Art As Therapy

Art As Therapy aims to help you to relax and to reconnect with your inner self through exploring art.

UOB Art Explorer is an online visual arts programme that helps you to learn and to explore the world of art through a comprehensive series of art tutorials, art therapy sessions and art storytelling.

Art Therapist: Jasmine Lam

Session 1

There are always positive ways to help you recognise and manage emotions. In this video, art therapist, Jasmine Lam, will be demonstrating how to regulate emotions through art creation.

Art Therapist: Yoko Choi

Session 1

Want to relax and improve your overall well-being?

Kick start your therapeutic journey with us in our Art As Therapy session conducted by Yoko Choi, UOB Painting of the Year winning artist and professional art therapist. Follow our tutorial and learn how to create an eco-friendly journal using materials available at home.

Session 2

In this Art As Therapy session, Yoko will be sharing on art appreciation and the positive influence it brings to our psychology and emotion well-being. Learn how to create an artwork in the experiential workshop using objects that you find at home.

Session 3

How can creating a three-dimensional container using ingredients from home help to contain one's emotions? Join us in our third Art As Therapy experiential workshop with Yoko. She will also be sharing on the psychological and emotional effects of creating art.

Session 4

In our fourth Art As Therapy session, join us to learn an art activity to release your emotions through exploring the use of different materials and media with Yoko.

Session 5

In our fifth Art As Therapy session, join us to learn how to create an artwork by repurposing a book, and how art is an agent of change with Yoko.

Session 6

How do we gain self-awareness through art? Find out in our sixth Art As Therapy session with Yoko. She will also share how you can create an intuitive self-portrait.

Session 7

In our seventh Art As Therapy session, join us to learn the practice of self-reflection through art. Yoko will also be sharing two therapeutic paper craft activities using recycled paper.

Session 8

Learn to express your idea and feelings through action painting using homemade dye in our eighth Art As Therapy session and explore the therapeutic effects of this tangible form of art with Yoko.

Session 9

Did you know that you can explore memories through creating collages? In the ninth Art As Therapy session, Yoko will share on the relationship between art, creativity and memory.

Session 10

In our tenth Art As Therapy session, explore how art making helps you to focus and give full attention in the present moment. Learn the practice of mindfulness through two therapeutic activities led by Yoko which include mark making and zentangle drawing.