About UOB Art Academy

United Overseas Bank (UOB) believes not only in feeding the mind, but also in feeding the soul. To celebrate UOB Hong Kong’s 50th Anniversary in 2015, UOB Hong Kong launched the UOB Art Academy to initiate the general public into appreciation and education of art through a series of activities and UOB “Golden Garden” Installation Art Award to recognise the local artists’ contribution and achievement. This year, UOB launches the UOB Connectivity Photography Award, providing an opportunity for the local creative talents to compose and capture the stories of Hong Kong from new and different perspectives to connect the community through photographs.

The establishment of UOB Art Academy embraces the 3 Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) focuses of the Art, Children and Education. UOB Art Academy aims to make art more accessible across different social segments in the community in order to benefit those who may not have an opportunity to be exposed to the art including children with special needs and those from less privileged backgrounds, as well as to promote cross cultural dialogues between Hong Kong’s local artists and Southeast Asian artists.

The UOB Art Academy provides a platform to nurture the appreciation and education of art among the community via 4 initiatives – workshops/panel discussions, family art (such as art jam, art walk and art carnival), contest-cum-exhibitions and mentorship.